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This weekend I've finished work on Gentex (for now). I've fixed the most irritating bugs and added two new nodes: a text node (which I just copy-pasted from my old "Textureer" texture generator) and a normal map generator (since I really want to have normal maps in the demo for demozone).

I've also rewritten my exporter plugin for Maya. My previous version was using XML, but having an XML parser in your 64k demo isn't that smart :) So, as of now, I'm using a custom packed fileformat.

The next thing I'm going to work on, is getting my Viewer (the actual demo) working. It will have to be able to load the exported scenes. I had already hacked together a viewer project back at Outline, so I'm going to reuse that one, with some adjustments.

Only 5 days to go...

P.S. I've added my current build of Gentex to the downloads page.

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