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Although the weather wasn't cooperating this weekend (it was, again, quite hot here :(), I've been able to do some work on Gentex. I've added a new node, a Displacement node. You can see an example texture using only subplasmas, displacement nodes and mixers here on the right. This new node is quite useful for creating organic-looking textures.

I think I won't do any more work on Gentex for a short while now, since I'm going to focus a bit more on the rest of Nerve. Things as the export plugin and the custom gentex shader for Maya still need a lot of work. They're hardly usable atm. The first point of attention is getting these Gentex generated-textures visible and usable in Maya.

Ohw, and I've also added a new release of GentexEditor to the downloads page. Together with a new example material (the one from the image above).

2 Comments for “Displacement”

  1. Anonymous Lieven 

    You'd almost say that the ground in that hot picture you posted uses a texture generated with your displacement node;)

    Looks kewl btw.

  2. Anonymous Gloei 

    Thanx. I had to google quite a while before I found this cool image that looks like it was autogenerated using my Displacement nodes ;)

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