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Some time ago (two or three weeks perhaps, not so sure) I detected a nice problem in the v2 software synth library I've been using for our 64k demo's. It's already a bit old news, but I just recently noticed that I'm not the only unlucky person experiencing this bug with v2. So maybe I can help some people by sharing my info here.

What I noticed was that all apps that used libv2 (v1.0) crash on my Vista pc. Exactly the same .exe files ran fine on Windows 2000 and XP. Even the demoapp that's shipped with libv2 crashed on my Vista pc, but worked fine on 2000 and XP. I used VS2005 both with and without SP1, but that didn't give different results.

Since I really wanted to use v2 on Vista, I started debugging/h4xx0ring libv2 using IDA. What I found was that libv2 uses incorrect settings for its internal wave format, which for some odd reason doesn't give a problem on Windows 2000/XP, but DOES give errors on Vista. In the latter case it results in an access violation when calling ssInit().

I've been able to fix this error in libv2.lib by modifying the following two bytes:
offset: 0xAC88, was: 0x80, changed it to 0x10
offset: 0xAC89, was: 0xAF, changed it to 0xB1
For me, that fixes the problem :)

I've contacted kb about this issue (in the first week of May), and he'll probably release a new patched version of libv2. But until then, manually patching libv2.lib is the only way of fixing this bug.



Hi, I'm back again from Outline 2007. We (Izard and I) once again managed to finish a small 64k demo for the competition there. And (once again) we've ended up with the second prize: a t-shirt :)

The demo is called Dahlia and is 52kb in size. It is completely built with Nerve and the v2 soundsystem (from Farbrausch). Here are some screenshots (from the party version):

You can find Dahlia on here. You'll find a download link there too.

Most of the demo is made in a hurry in the week before the party and live at the partyplace. We had everything finished 15 minutes before the actual deadline. But we had to remove some stuff in the last minutes before the deadline to get everything working, so we're currently working on a "fixed", "final", version of Dahlia. Which will be released asap, together with a video. Hopefully :)

Anyway, I think Dahlia is already a bit better than Soil (our second 64k using Nerve) and a lot better than Obsoleet (our first 64k using Nerve). And we're already planning on a new 64k to be released somewhere this summer, which should be an improvement on Dahlia in terms of style/design and unique effects.

Ohw and I just had to chose the title Dahlia after seeing this movie :)

Outline 2007 here we come


Okay, we're going to Outline 2007 tomorrow and we still have lots of stuff to do (as usual :)). But at least our technology is quite mature now. And Izard is almost ready with the soundtrack. We've already been working on some scenes for our entry, but we probably have to do some work at the partyplace too :)

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