Video of Dahlia (party version)


Officially I'm still working on a final version of Dahlia. But, since it will probably take some time before I have enough motivation to actually work on it, I've created a video of the party version of Dahlia. This is the version we submitted to the democompo, the one that was released first. An updated, final, version will be released somewhere in the near future. Probably together with a new video :)

Ohw, and I just noticed that the comments system for this blog was kind of broken :( My template was still using an old no longer supported way of posting comments. I've patched it and posting comments seems to work fine again :)



I took some time to extract the soundtracks of all four demos we made until now with Inque. Here they are (in 192kbit mp3), in chronological order:

Helix (2001)

Obsoleet (2006)

Soil (2006)

Dahlia (2007)

Helix' soundtrack was made by Izard and Organix using our own selfmade software synth engine. The soundtracks for Obsoleet, Soil and Dahlia were done by Izard using the v2 software synth engine (but for Obsoleet's track he had a little bit of help from Cosmiq and Cyrex).

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