Yesterday I took some time to capture some videos of the three demos I made with Inque. They're hosted at Youtube btw. Ohw and the quality still sucks. I'm going to upload better versions, with a higher bitrate.

Soil (july 2006)

Obsoleet (June 2006)

Helix (2001)

Multiple lights


After some reading and haxx0ring I finally have my multiple-light support up and running. Hooray :) My initial plan was to have my shaders support of to 4 lights per pass. But I already reached my shader size limit when using only 2 lights per pass. So for now, I'm doing multiple rendering passes per lit object. It's one pass for each light affecting an object. I haven't done any performance testing yet. But for what I've understood this isn't very performance friendly, but as long as I keep the number of lights affecting an object low, nothing bad will happen :)

Anyway, as you can see in my screenie it actually works. The scene in that picture contains 5 lights, all affecting each of the 5 objects.
Ohw and the other half of the picture is a screenshot from the scene as I modelled it in Maya. Isn't that good looking programmer art? :)

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