Demozone 2008 invitation released


Okay, I'm back from Germany, from Evoke 2008. We had plans to release both a 64k demo and a 64k invitation for Demozone (a Dutch demo party that's helt in november in Utrecht), but in the end we only managed to finish the invitation for Demozone. We didn't have much prepared so we had to do almost everything at the party place. So we tried to keep our demo really simple and short.

Here's a video of the demo. It's quite short (around 1:30), and we didn't release it as "Inque", but as "False Idols", since we weren't quite satisfied with the result. The name "False Idols" was inspired by this release, which is a 64k demo that was released last week, and probably one of the best since years.

Anyway, we got ranked 3rd place in the 64k competition, out of 5 entries. Which is something we're pretty satisfied with. I think the demo looked quite okay, but was simply too short and simple. But that's something we could've only done better by taking more time... or simply planning better :)

You can download our release here on, you can also find a full HD video there and read other people's comments.

ps. This is our first release with some new tech in it. It uses subdivided polygonal meshes for the "demozone" model, precalculated ambient occlusion for the soft shadows on the models and more advanced postprocess effects (a fish-eye postprocess effect and a rgb-separation postprocess effect).

Off to Evoke 2008


Tomorrow Izard and I are travelling to Köln, Germany, for Evoke 2008. We've been there last year and it was actually quite nice, and we won the 64k competition which made it a bit nicer too ;).

This time we're staying the whole weekend, and we're planning on releasing some (multiple) things there too.

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