Video of Antiphore


I took some time to capture a video of Antiphore:

And I also recorded the soundtrack:



Wow, as promised we (Izard and I) went to Evoke 2 days ago, and as also promised we made an entry for the 64k competition. And we actually won that competition :) Woei! We didn't quite expect that, since we had to do quite some work (and haxxoring) at the partyplace. The submission deadline for our compo was at 19:00, and we arrived around 12:00. But we delivered our final compo entry at around 21:30, a bit too late, but just in time for the start of the competition which started at 22:00.

Anyway, it was our first visit to an international party. And it was quite fun. Lots of people and lots of competitions. Here are some screenies from our entry, called "Antiphore":

More info, comments, and a download link can be found at our entry's page at

Anyway, we did learn something this time I believe. Style is quite important ;) We focused more on style than on technology this time. And apparently that paid off. So that's something we're going to take to our next production.

Only some days left...


There are only 2 days left before Evoke starts (it actually already starts friday, but we're going there on saturday) and we still have lots of stuff to do. The past week I did some work on some new stuff/tech we needed for our 64k, things like animated cables, unlit geometry and overlay support, but for now everything is done (well, ehm "good enough" is a better description) on the tech side. Izard is almost finished with the soundtrack, and he's already working on a (huge) scene. And since the tech stuff is kind of finished enough, I think I'm going to help out with some texture work and overlays. And possibly some scenes too.

Anyway, 1 week for a complete demo is a bit short :) But we're definitely releasing something at Evoke, no matter how unfinished and crappy it will be :-)

PS. I transitioned to using Trac for my issue management. I was using Mantis before, but Trac just feels a lot better and is more complete (with an integrated wiki and source browser).

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