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There are only 2 days left before Evoke starts (it actually already starts friday, but we're going there on saturday) and we still have lots of stuff to do. The past week I did some work on some new stuff/tech we needed for our 64k, things like animated cables, unlit geometry and overlay support, but for now everything is done (well, ehm "good enough" is a better description) on the tech side. Izard is almost finished with the soundtrack, and he's already working on a (huge) scene. And since the tech stuff is kind of finished enough, I think I'm going to help out with some texture work and overlays. And possibly some scenes too.

Anyway, 1 week for a complete demo is a bit short :) But we're definitely releasing something at Evoke, no matter how unfinished and crappy it will be :-)

PS. I transitioned to using Trac for my issue management. I was using Mantis before, but Trac just feels a lot better and is more complete (with an integrated wiki and source browser).

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