Cables, and the road to Outline 2007

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Last week I discovered that the next upcoming demo party, Outline 2007, is already helt on May 11. I assumed it was helt begin july, so I would still have enough time to implement all kinds of cool stuff... but apparently that's not the case :|

Izard and I already decided that we're going to Outline and that we're going to create a new 64k to release there. But we only have less than 2 weeks left, so we'll have to do with a bit less cool stuff...

Anyway I already gave a running build of all the tools to Izard, so he can start working on some art. Last week I've improved the renderer a bit (using a Pre-Z pass, and shorter pixel shaders) and this weekend I've implemented support for lofted NURBS curves. Izard wanted a way to create organic cables. We can now create those by simply drawing NURBS curves in Maya. It took quite some effort to implement this, but it works great already.

Hopefully Izard can create some good looking stuff with it, I've only been able to create knots and crappy splines with them :)

Anyway, next two weeks will be used for fixing irritating bugs, adding more cool post effects, and probably optimize everything a bit.

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