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Just wanted to say that after quite a long period of doing lots of stuff that didn't have anything to do with nerve I'm back on working on the system again. One of the reasons for this is that last week Izard told me that there'll be another Outline party again. Last year's Outline party was really fun, so I'm thinking of going again this year... But not without a nice demo ofcourse :)

Another thing that gave some ideas/inspiration is that I recently read somewhere that Maya 8.0, which is already a few months old, has support for custom viewport renderers through plugins. And that an example Direct3D viewport renderer is even supplied as part of the samples in the SDK. Wwoooo! :)

I've already ported my Nerve tools from Maya 7.0 to Maya 8.0 (only took about 15 minutes ;)), and I'm now working on my own "Nerve viewport renderer". That way you'll get a direct "live" view of the scene, which "kinda" looks like how it's shown in the demo. Including full hlsl shaders and posteffects. This will hopefully help a lot creating nice visuals.

That's the plan. As soon as I have everything up and running, I'll post some screenshots.

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