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This weekend I started working on the lighting part of nerve. You can now place pointlights in Maya, animate them, or parent them to other objects, and they get automagically used by the viewer. Detecting which lights influence which objects I test their bounding boxes hierarchically against the bounding boxes of the scene geometry. Afaik it's not too bad performance wise. And, well, it works great :)

The next step is to improve my material shaders, to support multiple lights, since it only supports 1 light per material at moment. This will be increased to a max of 4 lights at a time per object. Ohw and I'm thinking about using lightmaps for non-moving/static objects.

A little update


After such a long time I think it's time for a small update. The last weeks I managed to work a tiny little bit on Nerve. I've implemented very basic frustum culling, using bounding boxes. I'm going to improve it a bit by using hierarchical culling and some extra checking using bounding spheres. But I'm already a bit proud of it. It's my first frustum culler ever :) (I always only did near-plane culling in the past ;)) Btw, lots of kudos to this Frustum Culling article on flipcode.

Well, I'm going to pimp the viewer a bit more now. It will need better/correct materials, lighting, perhaps shadowing and off course post-effects.

Ohw and this doesn't mean I dropped the XNA ideas. Well hmm, maybe a little bit... For now :)

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