Breakpoint was nice, but....


.... but we didn't manage to release anything. When we arrived at friday afternoon we still had a lot of things to do on our 64k entry. So we worked hard (nearly non-stop) until the deadline sunday afternoon, but we weren't able to finish something decent in time. We simply didn't have all content ready (everything was still very rough and unpolished), and to make it worse, it didn't even fit in 64 kilobytes... it was around 77kb.

Our new plan is to release this 64k demo at Outline 2009, which is a smaller demoparty helt in a few weeks. We should have enough time to finish it up properly.

Anyway, despite not releasing a demo, Breakpoint was really nice. The party, the entries, the hotel. Everything :)

ps. Check out Elevated, this years winner of the 4k competition.

Preparing for Breakpoint 09


Well, just wanted to post a small update. Quite some time has already gone by since my previous post. I've been working on some completely new tech for nerve (but more on that in some other post) and I've been working on improving our software synthesizer Pandora for our next production, which we hope to release next weekend at Breakpoint 09.

Last year's visit to Breakpoint was quite nice, so we decided to pay another visit this year. But this time we're going to stay for the whole weekend, and we're actually going to release something there.

Anyway, there's still a lot of work to be done. Hopefully we'll manage to bring it all nicely together before the deadline (which is next Saturday in the morning).

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