Filtered SSAO


Here's a new screenie of my SSAO implementation. I've added some gaussian blurring and that really seems to work nicely.

The left image is lit+AO, in the middle is AO only and the right image shows lit only. My next target is to eliminate some artefacts, and tweak the blurring a bit more.

Struggling with SSAO


After struggling for several nights I've finally managed to get SSAO more or less working. Here's a work in progress screenie:

I still need to implement some filtering, and the settings need some tweaking, but it already seems to do its job. After that is done, I'll have to take a look at the performance and shader size. Atm it's a bit bloated :)

Best wishes for 2k10


Hi, just wanted to post something, as a sign of still being life. The last few months I've been working in my sparse spare time on some new tech for nerve. And I'm currently trying out some approaches for SSAO. Here's a first screenie of SSAO in action, it's my very first step, and it still needs lots of tweaking and improvements... but I'm already starting to like it!

* Btw, this is an untweaked implementation of SSAO as described here.

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