Some months ago I stumpled upon another nice demoengine. I was already known with aDDiCT2 (from Conspiracy) and .werkzeug (from Farbrausch). But this new demoengine, called picoEngine, was something different from those. For one, it was meant for full-size demos only, but more important, it was completely integrated into Maya. I always thought having my engine inside Maya would be good idea; apparently some other guys out there had exactly the same idea :-)

Anyway, I just rediscovered a website with info on their engine. It contains some cool images. The group is called "plastic". And they created a few really nice demos with it.

Next stop: Evoke 2007


Izard and I are kind of planning on going to Evoke this year. That's a demoparty in Köln
(Germany), which isn't actually that far from home at all. (Only a few hours by car or train). Since this is our first foreign party visit, we want to release something nice there to impress people... so we're going to work on a new 64k demo again. We've read the comments on our last entry at Especially these:
"For colours, next time pic a picture of your favourite graphics artist (or desktop background). Something that you can look at and think.. Yeah I can sense that it looks good... Then sample the colours in that image to copy the "it looks good" into your intro. Its usually not that simple, but that should get you started :)"

"i enjoyed the tunnel part"
Anyway. I haven't actually worked on Nerve at all after the release of Dahlia, and for Evoke I'll probably only have time during 2 weekends and 5 evenings :-) Anyway, we're going to create something again. Hopefully nicer than Dahlia.

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