Lots of improvements for Pandora

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With only two weeks left before Evoke starts I'm currently working hard on adding some new stuff to our software synthesizer, Pandora. For our new 64k demo Izard wants to create a soundtrack that's a bit different than the ones for our previous releases, so we made a list of features and improvements that should make it possible. One of the biggest things on the list was a complete overhaul of the mixer. We already had a basic 16-channel mixer since the beginning (we started Pandora about 3 years ago), but it was about time for some improvements.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Pandora's current state. The system consists of a VST plugin (of which the GUI is shown in the screenies), and a runtime playback library. Both are written in pure C++. And the VST is actually just a wxWidgets-powered GUI on top of the playback library.

Please note that I haven't spent much time on the GUI. It is intentionally kept ugly, because I currently rather focus on adding new features. When that's more or less stable, I'm probably going to replace the current look by a fancy skinned style.

So that's what I'm currently working on.

Ohw and I'm also actively looking around for a new job now. Playlogic, the game development studio that I've worked for the past two years, went bankrupt two weeks ago. Had a great time there, so it's kind of sad. But on the bright side it does give me lots of spare time to prepare for Evoke :)

2 Comments for “Lots of improvements for Pandora”

  1. Blogger @lx - Alexandre MUTEL 

    Looks nice, lots of parameters, also reminds me the V2 in some ways, with much more parameters and mixing capabilities! I will listen to it at evoke! Btw, really funny visual for the effects, looks like some... spermatozoids :D

  2. Blogger Glow 

    Thanks! It's no coincidence that it has some resemblance with v2 :) We were using v2 a lot before we started our own synth.

    And spermatozoids? :) I like the organic look of it. It makes it a bit more interesting than simply using straight lines and rectangles.

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