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A whole month has passed since my last update. The past few weeks I haven't been working much on Nerve due to work (we're on a tight schedule at work), my thesis project and a healthy lack of motivation. I think the main problem is that I'm coding a lot at work, and I like it :), which kind of takes away the fun from my spare time coding sessions.

I've just recently started looking into the XNA framework (beta) from Microsoft. It's a .NET framework (together with a free development environment using C#) aimed at creating games for both PC and Xbox 360. Together with some friends I've been thinking of creating a small game using XNA. Which will be quite cool, since this way I can also learn C# while having fun creating a cool game :)

Anyway, that's the plan. For now I'm still stuck in XNA. Apparently Microsoft didn't have any time to include a mesh loader in their (beta) framework... So I'll have to make something myself :(

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