Two years later...

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And another two years passed without any status updates... Oops. After my previous post from 2011 I actually continued working on my demo system and I've also continued producing 64k demos; I just forgot to occasionally post something here :)

Anyway I've been quite productive since then. Together with Izard I've released 6 64k demo's until now. I changed my nerve demo system from a 'normal' shaded polygonal mesh renderer into a gpu-raymarcher engine with which we now mostly raymarch distance fields as is nicely described here. This allowed us to generate better looking graphics much easier than before.

Here's a short overview of the things I released so far. All of them are 64k demo's. The most recent one comes first.

Astral Flux, released at Outline 2013 yesterday:

Signify, released at Revision 2013, april:

Variflux, released at Outline 2012, october:

Undercut, released at Evoke 2012, august:

Metaphorm, released at Revision 2012, april:

Traversing The Unknown, released at Evoke 2011, april:

So I am actually still quite active :) 

2 Comments for “Two years later...”

  1. Blogger GJ 

    Wow, you've been somewhat productive :). Some cool stuff there.

  2. Blogger Glow 

    Hehe, yeah just forgot to post once in a while :)

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