Textures and shaders in maya

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I said I was going to give some info and images of the GUI side of Texo, my new texture generator library, but I think a short video will make it even clearer. And that way I won't have to write a 10 pages blog post about it :)

So that's Maya 2008 with a single 3d viewport rendered by Nerve in realtime, where I use Materialist, my integrated material and texture editor to modify/create shaders and see them change in realtime in my viewport.

The video is just a short demonstration of some of the features of my material and texture system. But it should give a good idea of the workflow and level of integration with my demosystem and Maya itself. I already wrote Materialist and its shader graph editor some time ago, but its Textures tab where you can create texture graphs the same way as you can create shader graphs is brand new.

Anyway, I think I'll make more videos of nerve and some of its components in the future. It says so much more than words :)

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