Just a test...


Just wanted to post a small 15 second scene I made yesterday. I was experimenting with the new post effects and shaders stuff, and I think it actually looks kinda cool :) (Ohw and I captured it to a higher resolution video, no more Youtube "quality" vids from now on...)

Postprocessing support


Just wanted to share a small and short demo of the new postprocessing pipeline of Nerve. I've been working on this new thingy this weekend (and a few evenings last week) and it seems to work quite okay.

A postprocess effect "chain" is a series of postprocess effects that are applied on the whole screen in sequence. Each effect is actually just a shader created with Materialist applied to the whole screen. Things as screen distortion effects, tone mapping effects, bloom effects, etc... are all possible this way. Anyway, I've made a testscene with two (crappy) post process effects in it, just to show some extreme things that are possible: (Ohw, and I know that it doesn't look nice at all, it's programmer art ;))

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