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Hi, I'm back again from Outline 2007. We (Izard and I) once again managed to finish a small 64k demo for the competition there. And (once again) we've ended up with the second prize: a t-shirt :)

The demo is called Dahlia and is 52kb in size. It is completely built with Nerve and the v2 soundsystem (from Farbrausch). Here are some screenshots (from the party version):

You can find Dahlia on Pouet.net here. You'll find a download link there too.

Most of the demo is made in a hurry in the week before the party and live at the partyplace. We had everything finished 15 minutes before the actual deadline. But we had to remove some stuff in the last minutes before the deadline to get everything working, so we're currently working on a "fixed", "final", version of Dahlia. Which will be released asap, together with a video. Hopefully :)

Anyway, I think Dahlia is already a bit better than Soil (our second 64k using Nerve) and a lot better than Obsoleet (our first 64k using Nerve). And we're already planning on a new 64k to be released somewhere this summer, which should be an improvement on Dahlia in terms of style/design and unique effects.

Ohw and I just had to chose the title Dahlia after seeing this movie :)

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