Windows API sucks

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Hmm, I really should stop using the Windows API... I keep using it for most of my projects, Gentex included, but it really gets frustating now :( It took me a whole evening (~3 hours) to get my scrollbar working. Not that was very hard, but I also had some trouble with my nasty SetWindowLongPtr calls... well. blegh. Really have to take a look into MFC, or GTK or QT.

But anyway, got my first integer editor working now.

6 Comments for “Windows API sucks”

  1. Anonymous Thijs 

    Another test.

  2. Anonymous Walter 

    Is this working?

  3. Anonymous Walter Tamboer 

    Sorry for all this comments but i think there's something very wrong with the commenting system of blogspot. I'm trying to insert some HTML and my guess is that the blockquote element isn't supported...

  4. Anonymous Walter Tamboer 

    "Really have to take a look into MFC, or GTK or QT."

    MFC?! (see the beef list!) ... I've heard some good things about QT though... But if you're really (and there I mean REALLY!) leet, you should make your own wrapper ;)

  5. Anonymous Glow 

    Yeah, MFC is not my favourite either. I forgot to mention wxWidgets here. The only thing I remember from using wxWidgets once is that it uses, just like MFC, lots of macros for implementing special class members and stuff...

    Ohw, one drawback for using QT would be that it's not so visual studio friendly. afaik it uses its own build scripts :(

    So I think it will be either wxWidgets, GTK or QT. Although I'll stick to good old Windows API for now :) (who knows, maybe I'll also swap from C++ to C# one day, that would relieve me from this Windows API madness too :))

  6. Anonymous Sjakie 

    gtkmm, i'm telling you! Even in C#, I still prefer gtk over winforms!

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