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Had some spare time (finally finished my shortpaper for SIACG2006 yesterday) so I've begun working on operator editors in Gentex. Each node has several parameters you can edit when you select it. The image to the right is my first test-editor. When you select a checkerboard node you get that editor :) The idea is to have a couple of general purpose controls which you can use to build up editors for all nodes. At the moment I only have an integer value editor control, which is just a scrollbar with a label in front of it :)

It's still not working completely, but as soon as this integer editor thingy works, I'll start working on a string editor, a boolean editor and maybe an enum editor. In the future I'll probably add some more advanced editors, like a colour editor (with a nice colourpicker on it), a multi-line text editor (with support for multiple fonts and colours) and maybe a vector drawing editor....

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