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I've implemented a 'valid-cable' check which forbids the creation of cables that are plain evil. Such as cables that start and stop on the same node, or cables from an output to an output, or from a source to a source, etc... While drawing wires the colour of the wire can change to grey, indicating that this cable is invalid.

Of course, you can still create all kinds of invalid feedback networks using more than 1 node... but that's a bit harder to check :) (so I won't ;))

Also implemented an option to double or half the size of a single node. This only works on a single node (you cannot select more than 1 node at a time). And it also breaks all invalid connections to and from the node. Not all nodes like to get connected to a node with a different size... which instantly invalidate the cables to the newly resized node.

I'm planning to create a "resize nodes" dialog, in which you can a selection of nodes together. But I'm not so sure if that's really needed at all.

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