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Together with my friend Izard from Inque I'm going on an adventure to Outline 2006 tomorrow. That's a small demo party near the city of Arnhem. Which is kind of nearby (compared to the places where most of the other larger demo parties are helt). Until two days ago I didn't have any plans for going, but then I heard Izard went, so well I just had to go too :) It's been a long time since I've been to a demo party (my last one was TakeOver 2001, where we, Inque, release our 64k demo Helix), so I am kind of excited going to Outline.

Ohw and I'm going to try to make a 64k demo while I'm there. I still don't know what the deadline is, but hopefully I have more than like 10 hours to work on de 64k. The only thing I have working right now is Gentex. So I'll need.. ehm.. a gfx renderer, some export stuff for Maya, an animation system and a sound engine. Well... maybe I'll need more than 10 hours :)

Anyway, this will be a nice experiment to see how Gentex will behave in a demo system.

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