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This weekend I got the Gentex materials working in Maya. Still with a lot of side issues, but hey.. it works :) You can create a special Gentex shader, just like you would create a Lambert shader. This Gentex shader can be used in Maya just like any other shader. When you select it, a large "Edit in Gentex..." button will appear, which will launch Gentex and load the selected material in it. You can then modify the material, and save it. Then when you close Gentex again, the selected material will regenerate its bitmaps to reflect the changes. This works great ;)

And everything gets stored in the .mb file. No external files are used.

But it's still a bit buggy. I still need to pay a bit more attention to illegal cases. Like when there's an error while regenerating a bitmap. At the moment my plugin crashes hard, taking down Maya with him :)

Ohw, and my short paper for SIACG2006 got accepted. So next week I'm off to Santiago de Compostela in sunny Spain. But I still have to prepare lots of things, so the development of Nerve has to wait a week (or two...).

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