Demozone 2006

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Together with Izard I went to Demozone 2006 this weekend. Last week I've spent lots of evenings working on nerve (making it all work), so we could release a 64k demo at the competition at demozone. Well after Outline 2006 we actually managed again to release something at a party. But to be short, we're still not very proud of the result... all the content (scenes, graphics, animations) were made in a few hours at the party. And I didnt have much time to fix all the bugs still in there... but well, I'm still proud that we actually made something again :)

It's a 37kb demo. We named it "Soil". It lasts for 3 minutes. Here are some pictures:

We ended up at third place in the compo. Out of three contestants :) But, although ending at last place, we still won a large cheap cup and a frisbee for ending up at third place.

You can download Soil here: (37kb).

3 Comments for “Demozone 2006”

  1. Anonymous Glow 

    Soil is posted on And it currently has 1 thumbs up, 8 piggies and no thumbs down (yet) :) That's already a bit better than Obsoleet... which got around 30 thumb downs ;)

  2. Anonymous Dex 

    The pictures look nice. Big improvement over Obsoleet.
    It even runs on my Geforce2Go so you score a point there! Too bad all the textures are white when I run it, which makes it look very crappy. So you lost that point again. :)

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  3. Anonymous Glow 

    Hey Dex, thanx :)

    Ohw and the fact that it actually runs on a Geforce2Go is ehm an error :) It should crash since a gf2 doesnt support pixelshader 2.0, but I removed all the error checking from my code :) (to get a smaller executable). So I should have lost 2 points there I think...

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