Scatterpillar released!

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Wow! Outline was really nice this year. Izard and I worked hard on our 64k intro and we managed to complete it (kind of) on time without too much stress (well only a little bit). And to make it even better: we actually won the PC demo competition with it! Which was really nice. This is probably the first 64k intro that we made of which we're more or less satisfied with the endresult.

The little bit of stress that we had was caused by our issue with the file size limit. About 1 hour before the deadline we were still stuck at an (compressed) executable file size of 70kb. By removing some unused parts of code I was able to decrease this to 68kb, and luckily Izard was able to decrease this even further to 64kb by removing various polygons from our models.

Our new 64k is called Scatterpillar, and can be downloaded from it's page. You can also download a higher resolution video there.

Izard did the soundtrack (using our Pandora software synth), he did all the modeling (using subdiv'ed low-polygon meshes) and all direction. I worked on the code, all the shading and the overlays.

Here's a captured video:

Anyway, we're already looking forward to our next release. I'm working on some brand new tech, and Izard is already working on some cool designs.

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  1. Anonymous Walter 

    Cool demo!
    Oh... and congratulations with your victory of course :)

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