Outline here we come

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I'm currently packing my bags for my trip to Outline '09. Izard and I have been working on our 64k release (the one we couldn't release at Breakpoint last month), and it looks like we're going to finish it on time. Which would be nice :)

4 Comments for “Outline here we come”

  1. Blogger DK 

    Nice intro,

    Did you use implicit surfaces for the environment?

  2. Blogger Glow 

    Thanks. We modeled a very lowpoly mesh, on which we applied two iterations of mesh subdivision.

  3. Anonymous DK 

    Thx 4 repsonse. What is the size of the model (+what method did you use to compress it) and how many vertices have you got there?

  4. Blogger Glow 

    The cave's mesh in Maya consists of 1046 triangles and 504 vertices. My demosystem exporter exports this to a chunk of 4580 bytes. This is already more or less optimally packed, so that it's as small as possible and a little bit exe-packer-friendly.

    For the packing I use a method from iq/rgba. I've posted a bit more on this a while ago.

    Next to the cave model, the intro also includes meshes for the caterpillar segments, flaps and heads.

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