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Okay we've done it, we've submitted our entry to the Intel Demo Competition 2008. We actually submitted it tuesday morning already, but the competition website wasn't active until yesterday.

Anyway, our demo is called Seiryoku, and it's actually the first full-sized demo we made so far. With a size limit of 64mb you can simply do a lot more than the 64kb restriction we're used to. So we planned right from the start to make our demo different than our 64kb intros. For this reason I've been very busy on building a custom demo engine called nerveHD. I've taken quite some days off from work to code a bit on nerveHD. But it still took a lot more effort than expected.

Our final result for the competition was more or less rushed together, to at least have something submitted. At the time of the deadline we actually didn't have any overlays and fading done, and we were still missing several models. Luckily we were granted some extra time to at least add those basic things to make it all look a bit more decent. (thanks tobi!)

But in the end, we're not that proud of this release. It could have been much better, if we'd simply had planned and scheduled things better. In the end we didn't have time to use our dynamic shadows, the dynamic/skinned cables, the posteffects and the morphing objects, for example. But on the other side: it was a really cool project for a really cool competition. We did a few things we hadn't done before, such as using polygonal models (instead of generating them from primitives), using prebaked global illumination (instead of using a simple realtime model) and using manually made textures (instead of generating them).

Ohw, and about the name of the demo: "Seiryoku" is Japanese for "influence; power; might; strength; potency; force; energy" which sounds oriental and also covers our demo quite nicely.

Please check out our entry and all other entries (which are really of top quality) for the Intel Demo Competition online at Since this is an online competition, you can also vote for your favourite entry at the same site.

Our entry can also be found at (including user comments and download links) and I've also added a small video below:

That's it for now. We already started work on two new projects for the next upcoming party: Evoke 2008, held from August 8 to 10 in Köln, Germany.

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