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It's probably time for a small update, since a few things happened since my previous post... I'll try to summarize them in chronological order :)

Somewhere halfway last month, September, I took the step to look for a new job. I had been working at Coded Illusions for 3 years, and since our game project Nomos was cancelled halfway August, I thought it was a good moment to switch lanes. So I arranged an appointment at Playlogic Game Factory through an ex-colleague (Koert) who works there. They offered me a job as a programmer on their project Fairytale Fights, and after thinking it over in the weekend, I decided to accept the offer and start on the 1st of November. Enough time to hand over my tasks. So I thought...

About two weeks after that it was announced that our salaries at Coded Illusions wouldn't get paid anymore, that our investors would immediately stop investing, and that within weeks the company would most likely file for bankruptcy. One of the reasons of the investors to withdraw was that due to the recent financial problems it was getting really hard to maintain the company.

Around the same time I've heard that this year's Demozone party, the party for which Izard and I made an invitation 64k intro, was cancelled. Again, due to financial problems related to the current worldwide financial instability.

I was planning on going to Demozone this year, and I was already working on a 4 kilobyte demo called "Coplanarity". It's a minimalistic vector art intro. I've made a designer tool for it, and a playback engine which currently fits in 2kb of packed code. So I'm still within budget; enough room for a tiny software synth and some content. Anyway, here's a small video of a scene in my designer tool. The whole intro will probably consist of such scenes (built up out of animated vector art).

Anyway, I started my job at Playlogic Gamefactory today (instead of November 1st) :)

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