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Just wanted to pass by and give a short status update, since it seems that not much has been happening since my last "expect an increased amount of progress in the coming months"-statement ;) Well, ehm, I actually am working on some stuff, but for some reason I was too lazy to post it on this blog. Anyway, I'am currently working on two subsystems for nerve.

The first one is called "Pfuu!1!1", which is still a working title, and it's a software synthesizer system. It consists of a core synth engine and a VSTi wrapper with a nice GUI which Izard can use to create tracks with. My aim is to give it a truckload of cool features so Izard can create some non-standard tracks with it. No more typical-v2-soundtracks, as we had for our previous 64k intros. Here are some screenshots of my current build: (look to the left)

These screenies show a bit of the current functionality, although this is probably completely going to change in the coming weeks ;) Next to that, I'm going to redo the GUI with fancy graphics, just like most commercial VSTi's. Until then, Izard has to do with the standard Windows look. The first screenshot shows the synth editor, the second screenshot shows the dynamic effects editor.

The second thingy I'm currently working on is called "Materialist", which is a visual material/shader development tool. It's a tool which you can use to create shaders with, by simply placing nodes and linking them together. It's functionality is inspired by UnrealEngine3's Material Editor, but focusses a bit more on size constraints and usability. The two screenies show my current build.

The first screenie shows the "workspace" in which you can create a shading graph, together with a realtime preview of the created shader rendered onto a 3d mesh. You can rotate the preview's camera and light directions. The shader graph generates a HLSL shader, which is visible in a separate tab page, which is shown in the second screenie. I use scintilla for this, which gives nice syntax highlighting and line numbering ;) Anyway, when you modify the shader graph (or any of the property values of one of its nodes) the shader HLSL is automagically regenerated, compiled and applied to the preview mesh. Any compile errors are shown in a log window.

Anyway, as soon as I have some new stuff I'll post it here. I think a nice audio file with some noise from Pfuu!1!1 or an executable of Materialist would be useful. But they're both not that fully functional, yet.

Ohw and did I already say wxWidgets + wxFormBuilder is a really great combo?

3 Comments for “Still alive!”

  1. Anonymous Bart 

    You have indeed been busy. Nice work!

  2. Blogger Walter Tamboer 

    Wow... Materialist looks awesome! It looks way better than UE3's version.

  3. Blogger Glow 


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